Evernote in the history classroom

Evernote for inquiry based tasks

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Inquiry based learning tasks are essential for the creation of meaningful learning and understanding. The use of collaborative and innovative Web 2.0 applications allows students to work in ways that further immerse them in the 21st century, while providing them with the skills to become life-long learners. Evernote is a fantastic tool for inquiry based tasks. You or your students can:

  • Access their research from any device including, desktop, smart phone, tablet device – at home, at school, in class, on the bus…anywhere!
  • Students can work collaboratively by creating shared notebooks that can be accessed simultaneously, edited by all members of the group and worked on either at school or at home. No, my dog ate my homework or I couldn’t work on my assignment because my friend was away doesn’t apply here! Anything that is added to the notebook is immediately sync’d between devices and can be accessed anywhere.
  • Students might like to gather and record their findings using, while using the notebook to tag concepts, file their work neatly and even better, search later for information. 
  • Create logs that record resources they have referred to. They can even use their smart phones to take a picture of the cover of the book, insert PDF documents and then annotate (with Premium), insert links to websites. 
  • Forward emails to Evernote that are automatically filed into appropriate notebooks and tagged (e.g. You can file an email that you want to name Evernote training into your professional development notebook by putting this into the subject line: Evernote training @Professional Development #professional development #technology) 
  • Set a reminder for when items are due for submission or when the team will be meeting to work on the inquiry task.
  • Students can share their work with their teacher by hitting the share button and either posting on social media or emailing you their final product which is uploaded onto a note of it’s own.

As a teacher, and also as a student, I have come to really rely on Evernote for my own learning as well as a tool for teaching. In my own research, I have been able to create Notebooks that safely organise and collate information, while allowing me to share that information, or simply access it from where ever I happen to be. 


Evernote http://www.evernote.com

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